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Apr 24, 2021

Hey everyone, the podcast embedded in this post provides an audio version of this update, but if you want a text-based version that's easier to reference, we're more than happy to provide it below.

Starting in July of 2021, we're changing the What A Cartoon schedule a bit—and don't worry, the PTA has not disbanded. As we did at the start of 2020, we're scaling back What A Cartoon a bit to better suit our production pipeline, and because of that we'll soon be producing two episodes of What A Cartoon every month. (And the What A Cartoon Movie schedule will remain unchanged.)

There's a much more detailed explanation of our decision in the podcast, but to make a long story short, our What A Cartoon episodes take a lot of work—often three to four times as much as an episode of Talking Simpsons or an episode of one of our miniseries. And for the sake of transparency, What A Cartoon isn't the most popular podcast we produce, so while we would never want to end it, we've decided it would be a better idea to shift some of our limited resources to content that's more in-demand (and give ourselves more time to produce each WAC episode).

So how will this change our podcast output? Not much, actually. So we don't have too many gaps in content, the first and third Monday of every month will feature a new episode of What A Cartoon, while the second Monday of every month will be the new home of Talking Futurama. And we'll still be posting What A Cartoon Movie on the final Monday of every month.

Of course, a handful of months out of the year feature five Mondays, and in that case, the fourth Monday will just be an off week. (This schedule, of course, is for our Patreon listeners on the $5 and up level, so if you're listening to this as a non-Patron, shift our new schedule forward one week and remove Talking Futurama from the equation.)

Because this new schedule means there will be fewer episodes of What A Cartoon per year, we're also winding down the $50 episode request tier and currently working with those patrons to get their final selections in. But this doesn't mean your input on What A Cartoon is over, and in the future we may have some ways for our listeners to choose the subject matter of certain episodes.

So, to wrap things up:

  • Our new What A Cartoon schedule begins in July.
  • What A Cartoon will now release on the first and third Monday of every month.
  • Talking Futurama will now release on the second Monday of every month.
  • What A Cartoon Movie will continue to release on the final Monday of every month.
  • For the months of the year that feature five Mondays, the fourth Monday of the month will be an off week with no new episode.

Thanks for understanding, and once again, we couldn't do any of this without our great listeners. Scaling back on What A Cartoon will allow us to be more productive and also give us the opportunity to spend more time on every WAC episode without taking too many resources away from our other podcast series.