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Apr 13, 2020

Just as we did last year, to kick off April we're deviating from our standard subject matter a bit to dive into the world of live-action cartoons! In 2019, we covered the dark and subversive Strangers with Candy, so it's only fair that we follow that episode up with a look at its kid-friendly spiritual predecessor, The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

It's a series born out of the same circumstances that led to our favorite shows from cable TV's early era: a need for programming so desperate that networks were willing to throw (a small amount of) money at outsider weirdos to fill slots on a barren schedule. And thankfully, the right group of misfits assembled to make Pete & Pete one of the hippest, smartest, and surprisingly sincere kids' shows ever written. So lean back and let our podcast envelop you like warm flannel as we take you on a tour of one of Wellsville's most memorable tales.

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