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Apr 29, 2019

DuckTales has come up SO often during our discussion of animation history, it's about time we podcasted about it! Disney's televised treatment of one of their B-list characters ended up being an A-list series, and one that forever raised the bar for children's entertainment. On this installment, we (alongside duck expert Matthew Jay from [the deep end] podcast) dig into the history of Uncle Scrooge and his creator, Carl Barks, the character's rich life in decades upon decades of comics, and, of course, the behind-the-scenes details behind the ambitious and expensive production known as DuckTales. And for our up-close exploration of the show, we focus on "Back to the Klondike," an episode loosely based on a Barks comic that dives into Scrooge's past and also explores a bit of his softer side.

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